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July 2nd, 2021

What I Want

As emotionally fueled beings, we often create these ideal scenarios and signs in our heads. Signs that love is on the way, signs that our lives are gonna drastically change, signs that we're gonna get exactly what we think we deserve! Only then to throw our own little pity parties when our self sabotaging imagination is let down by reality - LOL! This song was 100% fueled by wishful thinking, Skyy Vodka, and my own overactive imagination. Produced by Tyler Thang.
-Alexander Skye


New Project-4 3.JPG

My Debut Single - OUT NOW

Losing SleeP

Hey b!
It feels like Manuel and I have been working on this song forever and we've really poured our all into it. I'm actually so excited to share it with everyone. Lemme know what ya think! Produced by Manuel Alvarez.

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